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Artelia is the CEO and consultant of Cutie Patootie Beauty Boutique, with over 23 years of experience with hair extensions. Her background is in fashion, hair texture, hair quality and hair confidence. Artelia has been profiled as a model in hair magazines, hair video’s, and profiled on stylist’s business pages and websites. Artelia also stays up with current trends and is certified with completing courses in frontal/closure wig making by hand and with the sewing machine.

Artelia is filled by her passion for understanding how “Confidence changes everything!”

Being a Mental Health Counselor and working with women and girls of all economic backgrounds, ages, sizes, shape and color’s Artelia learned we all have one thing in common and that’s beauty inside and out!
Though she caters to all women her burning desire to continue her education in hair extensions and wigs is fueled by her clients who has experienced domestic violence, depression, anxiety and suicide. Artelia has worked with women going through Chemo, and women experiencing thinning hair due to medications and illnesses.

Artelia herself has once struggled with thinning hair due to medication and she understands the struggle. Artelia enjoys working with women, being a mentor for women and helping with building the self-confidence they already have within. Artelia believes in women supporting each other, uplifting one another and growing together as women.

The team here at Cutie Patootie Beauty Boutique is very excited to work with all of you... Remember to be bold, be beautiful, be you! 

Hope all of my Cutie Patootie’s enjoy the website!

Thank you!

Cutie Patootie Beauty Boutique

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